The Karrkad-Kanjdji Trust provides a secure underpinning for natural and cultural resource management work. It significantly increases available resources and allows Traditional Owners to lead project priorities, many of which are multi-generational and landscape scale. And, it delivers outcomes in the national interest:

  • Finer detail management for a landscape of global conservation significance
  • Increased local employment for Indigenous people, leading to improved prosperity, health and well-being
  • Greater financial independence from the public sector

The Karrkad-Kanjdji Trust has a long-term goal of of $30 million so that $1 - 1.5 million can be distributed for projects every year.

Our vision is that current and future generations of Bininj (Indigenous people) and Balanda (non-Indigenous people) will continue to find inspiration in the environment, culture and community of West Arnhem Land.

Our mission is to create a sustainable finance mechanism that supports Indigenous communities to protect and manage the natural and cultural environment  of West Arnhem Land.

Our values are collaboration, transparency and accountability.