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The Karrkad-Kanjdji Trust is dedicated to the Warddeken and Djelk Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) in West Arnhem Land - 2 million hectares located alongside Kakadu National Park.

The land on which the Warddeken and Djelk IPAs are situated is of global conservation significance – extending from the sandstone gorges of the Arnhem Land Plateau through monsoon forests to tropical savannas and woodlands and across seasonal floodplains to mangrove fringed rivers, coasts, reefs and islands.

This vast landscape supports enormous biodiversity because it is connected, intact and effectively managed. It is home to dozens of threatened plants, animals and communities:

  • sandstone heathlands and anbinik (Allosyncarpia ternata) rainforests
  • the black wallaroo, northern quoll and Arnhem Land rock rat
  • sawfish, dugong and marine turtles
  • Leichhardt's grasshopper, the Oenpelli python and one of the world's richest diversities of reptiles
  • the whitethroated grasswren

The sandstone plateau of West Arnhem Land is a major centre of endemism in Australia:

  • Approximately 200 plant, 20 vertebrate and very many invertebrate species are restricted to it
  • Many of these are of remarkably old lineages