Security for the country, people and culture of West Arnhem Land

  • A new income stream
  • A sustainable delivery mechanism
  • Each gift contributes more than its value over time
  • Funding for long-term and multi-generational projects
  • Expanding financial independence from the public sector
  • Growing the overall prosperity of communities
  • Support and co-financing to develop new and grow existing enterprises
  • Assuring and expanding natural and cultural resource management work
  • Increased collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians
  • Securing the health benefits and community well-being associated with natural and cultural resource management work
  • Improved conservation outcomes with increased resources allowing finer detail landscape management
  • The flexibility to respond strategically and quickly to any sudden environmental or cultural heritage threat
  • Growing the resources available for Traditional Owners’ own priorities
  • Demonstrating the benefits of a new and innovative funding model to Indigenous groups across Australia

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